Remote Control Animal Crate

Electronic Animal Crate

Animal Crate

is faux finished to look like it was made from old wooden planks. It is actually made of strong plywood and painted to look old. This crate was created for a magician.

The animal crate plays prerecorded animal sounds that can be controlled via a remote control. The recording comes from a digital circuit inside with its own amplifier and speaker. The sounds can be changed and recorded over.

There is also a spring system that can launch a Rocky Raccoon spring puppet into the air. The raccoon gets squished into a chute with a spring launching floor. Double doors are brought down on top and an arm is moved to hold everything shut. When the control is triggered, a motor moves the arm out of the way releasing the doors. The spring system along with the spring in the puppet, launches the spring puppet a good four feet into the air.

Created by Randi Rain.

Animal Crate