Strata Ukester

Strat Uke Concert Ukulele

Strat Uke Concert Ukulele

Strato Ukester - Ukulele - Randi Rain

It’s a Strato-Ukester, or a Ukelaster, or whatever you want to call it. It’s a real working electric concert ukulele made in the style of the Fender Stratocaster. The finest of the electric guitars.

The body is made from two pieces of plywood. The space for the electronics were routed into the pieces and then put together. Then the body was coated in an epoxy resin and sanded smooth. It was then painted.

The neck was purchased and was made for a regular ukulele. The neck came raw and had to modified to fit the body correctly. The fretboard was purchased and modified as well. As well was the nut.

The bridge and phono jack is all real Fender hardware. The bridge is a guitar bridge with two missings posts. The electronics and pick up is made for hobby instruments and work great.

Created by Randi Rain